Avon Running

Tasked with impacting the largest number of women possible and engaging them in the pursuit of eradicating breast cancer deaths, Avon Running became an event with a unique profile.

In order to reach its objectives, the event uses many promotional tools and measures to attract public interest:

  • The Media planning guarantees the visibility of the event and the participation of a large number of women from all social strata and age groups;
  • The artists hired for the open photo session attract the general public and empower Avon’s effort in the dissemination of care for the early detection of the disease;
  • The guests in the VIP area, among the socialites, artists and authorities, attract the attention of the media and raise interest in the cause;
  • The race draws the participation of elite athletes and amateurs who care about health and quality of life;
  • The distribution of Avon’s products and those of their partners completes the promotional package to the public and helps in reinforcing existing brands.

Photo Gallery